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Reviews on Two Eye-catching watches on 2015 SIHH and Basel World

SIHH and Baselworld are an annual events in the Swiss watch industry, from the development trend of the clocks and watches in recent years, only those works with creativity and technology can attract the attention of players, creativity only become the powerful and unconstrained style or concept stage, if can be classic unbeaten if fused into traditional watchmaking process and technology. This year, although restricted to the influence of the overall environment, each brand is relatively low-key conservative, but still it is a shot of the arena, especially for the complex functions wrist watch are the focus and the following let us for you present 2 masterpiece.

rolexPIAGET Emperador Coussin 1270S watch

This piaget watch shows its ultrathin workmanship with its Structure aesthetic. Only Piaget in the Swiss watch industry is constantly developing in the field of ultra-thin technology with breakthrough and transcendence, 27 pieces of ultra-thin movements that has published created 15 world records, to be second to none. This year it launched the Emperador Coussin 1270 s, which is to refresh record of the hollow-out automatic winding tourbillon project, also is the bold combination of “complex function”, “thinness” and “hollow-out”, from the functional and structural aesthetics to show the most extreme thin process. Emperador Coussin 1270 s watch is featuring 18 k white gold or rose gold material, watch diameter of 46.5 mm, eccentric type hour and minute display, the tourbillon, 1270 s automatic movement, sapphirine crystal watch surface and the bottom cover, black or brown alligator strap.

Yacht-Master Ref.116655 watch
This Rolex watch is a new creation in the history of the brand. Its Two-way rotating outer ring is configured with dumb black Cerachrom ceramic word bezel to foil grinding three-dimensional digital; and it is equipped with Rolex brand new patent Oysterflex strap, whose characteristic is that the inlayer is super elastic sheet metal, while the outer layer is covered by the high-performance black rubber injection, combining the solidness and reliability of the metal strap, and the comfort, flexibility and the aesthetic feeling of the rubber strap together to make it an outstanding rolex watch.

The three forbidden zones about swiss replica rolex watches

2After buying a rolex gmt-master replica watches, you should know how to protect your watches, there are many forbidden zones you should know:
1. The watches can’t put together with camphor
The camphor and movement will set off a chemical reaction and influence the Precision stairs and the use age of the watches, so if you don’t wear the watch, you should choose a dry and clean place to store.

The chemical goods influence the appearance condition
The watchcase of most watches is made of overgild, chromeplate or titanium carbide, the cladding material is very thin, about under 3mmy, the watchband and watchcase of some watches is made of Plastic Case, so if this watch touch some chemical goods, such as gasoline, alcohol, paint, makeup, spray, pesticide, the watch will be etched and become more and more ugly.

3. The watch can’t be used under the high-intensity magnetic field
The magnetic field in our daily life: generators, motors, radio, television, mobile phone, keyboard, etc.

The antimagnetic ability of ordinary mechanical watches only within a limited range can reach antimagnetic effect, if beyond its anti-magnetic ability, the steel parts will be magnetized and the hairspring will be influenced and then the watch will have some problem, such as go slowly, walk fast phenomenon, even some watches can appear stop going. Of course, our rolex presidential day date replica watches will not appear these problems.

In addition, the magnetic field will influence the quartz watches? The answer is yes, although the steel parts in quartz watch are very few, but strong magnetic field will disturb the normal operation of the rotor. So the ordinary watches can’t be work under the high-intensity magnetic field.

Appreciation on Three Luxury Swiss Watches – Rolex Date-just

18Appreciation on Three Luxury Swiss Watches

Piaget Limelight G0A38021 watch

It is the traditional watch which is featuring 34 mm in diameter. 18 k platinum watch case is engraved with the beauty of 52 dazzling diamonds. There are 510 beautiful diamonds on the watch dial. 18 k white gold bracelet is also decorated with the beautiful 514 diamonds Carrying with the Piaget 430 p ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, this Piaget watch id accurate and stable. Limelight series upholds the style of the first Piaget jewelry watches, innovative style still are beaming dazzling gorgeous, just like a red carpet of the invitation letter. Wrist watch with gold and precious stones shows a bright beautiful condition, its perfect shape and the most honorable haute couture fits each other. No matter it is the bracelets watch, mysterious watch or jewelry watches, each design is exciting.

Replica Rolex Datejust 178274 watch

Rolex datejust is a classic series among all the Rolex watches and this 178274 watch is characterized by the Platina plated stainless steel case. Watch bezel, watch strap, and watch crown, and the watch dial is in silver color, and in the size of 31mm, and it has the function of date display and Sweep second hand and the waterproof depth of 100 meters can meet you daily use.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY series 81180/000G-9117 watch

This wrist watch is simple to the extreme, no date display, even watch second hand is cut off, only simple double needles showing on the dial, more simple and more able to bear or endure the look. Inside the watch it is carrying a full manual winding movement, which is the vacheron constantin homemade CAL. 1400 manual winding movement which can provide 40 hours of power reserve. The watch case of the watch is in 40mm in diameter and the watch case is made of 18k white gold, the watch strap is made of crocodile leather strap. The on sale price of the watch is ¥144,000 RMB.

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New Rolex Depsea watches

16Rolex sea dweller replica Wristwatch has Oyster watchcase, 44 mm, and stainless steel…these are not wonder. But equipped with “D-BLUE”blue-black two-tone gradual change watchcase really make people surprised.  Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deepsea was the popular choice by global of professional Deep Sea Divers. And also is the new generation divers wrist watch which has decades of experience. This watch was saluted James Cameron who created the record of deep single deep diving. Two-tone surface is sapphirine change to deep black. In order to remember Cameron successfully arrive the deepest of the earth – The end of mariana trench.

Rolex Oyster Wristwatch Series 116660-98210 Blue

Different with the Deepsea M116660-0001 is the gradients of watch disk. Blue over into black. Give the wristwatch fresh vitality and outstanding sense. And the bottom use titanium alloy material.

Blue luminescent material

The watch surface with innovative Chromalight luminescent display is the invention which can effectively promote reading time clearly in the dark environment. This blue light display time is twice as generally luminescent materials. With the same luminescent material let the wearer still can distinct read outer ring of the triangular zero mark even though in the bottom of the darkness sea.

The valve of exclude helium

Rolex get the patent of safety-valve in 1967, this is the essential for deep diving activity just like the miniature decompression chamber of wristwatch. After deep diving, the professional diver must go to the decompression chamber and suction the mixed gas which includes helium. In decompression chamber, the helium can permeate almost every corner even the inner of wristwatch.

Considering a variety of factors, Rolex’s engineer research and development the valve of exclude helium which equipped with spring. When the wrist watch with more than 3 to 5 of the pressure difference, the valve will open for helium to release and the waterproof performance is not affected.


Depends on the unique Ringlock system and make the Rolex Deepsea has a special strong degree, waterproof and compression-resistant performances. The patent innovate construction make this wristwatch can bear the powerful hydraulic pressure as deep as 3900m (12800 inch), equal to 3 ton of pressure. The system consists of three main factors: the mass centre is nitrogen alloy stainless steel circular ring, as thick as 5mm arch form blue crystal glass and 5 class titanium alloy bottom.

The extensional system of Rolex GLIDELOCK

Patent Glidelock extensional system let the divers can adjust the strap easily without any tools even dressed in diving suits. And the dentoid parts can each section length of 2 mm, extend strap to 20 mm.

Titanium bottom

The design of two watchcases can help this fake rolex to resist the pressure which caused by the depth of the water. First, Titanium watchcase bottom use titanium alloy material which has high hardness and flexible, the material make wristwatch can withstand the deep pressure and intact. Besides, hydraulic pressure can help the three main components of Ringlock system more joint, the watchcase bottom closed tighter with water depth and produce the ability to comprehensive seal the watchcase




Rolex “Black kelpie”, new style watch to subvert the understanding of tyrant

3126_p_1372149277094Strengthen the waterproof of the watch

The Oyster-shaped case of the fake rolex daytona strengthens the watch’s functions of dust-proof, waterproof as well as the shock-proof. It is not easy to open the case. If anyone who want to open the Oyster-shaped shell, the one must need the torque of 5 newtons / M. This kind of shell can effectively protect the movement of the watch. Moreover, this kind of design can also ensure the accuracy of the watch which is real reliable for the people who want to buy one or who has own one. In order to prevent the movement of the watch from the water and dust, the crown of the watch is made by three watch-locks. After the tightening of these three watch-locks, the watch-case can be completely sealed, just as the submarine seal door. The one direction rotation of the outer ring, can let the diver accurately record the diving time, which the one-direction rotation design can avoid the missed measure of time with the water and oxygen.

It is the first choice for the person who is doing outdoor sports for it has the 300M waterproof function effect of and the Oyster-shaped shell. The instant-jumping calendar in the watch shows the Rolex’s personality and the waterproof window can be clearly see the date and time. The function of the Rolex “Black kelpie” is same with the other kinds of diving watch. But pressure-proof is more superior than the others.

The 3135 movement of the “Black kelpie”

The 3135 movement of this black style Rolex watch passes the Swiss Observatory certification. The 3135 movement is published in 1988 which is meaningful for the Rolex. It is known as the “king” of the replica rolex datejust. This title is truth. Some of the Rolex movements get not too many achievements, but the main achievements are in the parts. While the 3135 movement is one of the self-produced movement of Rolex and it still is used until now. Overall, the 3135 movement is the proud of Rolex as an automatic movement, which is known as stable performance, strong collision resistance.

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Swiss Watches – Appreciating the Cle de Cartier and Tag Heuer Formula One

Cle de Cartier

Cle de Cartier redesigned its simple case. Cartier is known for its delicate skills that builds striking watches with good appearance. The sharp angles are no longer existed, and the bezel are round and smooth. All the components are smooth. Cle means key and the brand-new Cle de Cartier really resembles a key. Its crown that adjust time and date in a different way started a new way to do adjustment, reminding us of the old tradition of winding a clock with a key. The crown is long and thin and has a sapphire on it. The inserting skill in this sapphire is different from others. 1847MC movement is fitted with a quick winding barrels that could effectively improve the efficiency of winding. Bidirectional automatic winding system adopts special leverage system, making it both solid and effective. Anyway, Cle de Cartier is the latest Cartier watch that has Cartier’s technology and would surely be an wonderful one.

replica tag heuer formula 1

replica tag heuer formula 1

Tag Heuer Formula One

Tag heuer watch fuses the innovation and change into the blood, and constantly creates amazing new products. This formula one wrist watch adopts new ceramic materials, combines magnificent diamonds and wrist watch perfectly, fuses the sports and the elegance as a whole, to present the most beautiful female charm and elegance model of the female. White is the most pure and most simple color among all the colorful colors. This Tag Heuer F1 watch uses the white color as the main color to symbolize the pure beauty and elegance of women. Watchcase lateral has many flashing diamond, just like a little elf Closely linking with each other, and each diamond inlays is the elaborate works of the designers of tag heuer swiss replica. The watch dial of this Golf is 41 mm in diameter, which is very suitable for woman’s wrist. The watch time scales decorated with 11 diamonds on the watch dial more show nobility and costly.

breitling chronospace automatic replica,omega planet ocean chronograph replica

A watch is unquestionably not a moment instrument for them alternatively they put it to use piece that is modern. they don’t wish to invest although all-the shopping might charge them dearly. Reproductions give you the option due to their crisis.
breitling chronospace automatic replica,omega planet ocean chronograph replica
Generally you’ll not be capable of write out the distinction between the unique along with the replica, until you really are a watch expert. Here are several key points in production of original Rolex and Rolex watches. The next essential things that ought while you get content watches to be acknowledged will be from wherever you buy replica watches, the terms and conditions. Read all of the conditions and terms legally so that you know from where and precisely that which you are buying.
You need to specifically take a look at its picture though looking for a fake watch on the web. Verify the image is of good quality, and that it unmistakably implies all-the visual features of the very first watch. The snapshot need to present a viewpoint of fingers the watch switch, pieces, manufacturer logo, and tie. In the event that the image is not distinct or on the off chance that it’s wanting to disguise a certain essential feature of the watch, it is possible to infer that the website isn’t bonafide.
Exactly the same replica Rolex watches are still available regardless the improvement format of the first, or of the level of muddling. Rolex imitation watches may meet actually probably the most advanced plans’ requests. Filled with water clocks, all means is obtainable on distinctive outlines.
The primary contrast between the first versions and the Swiss replica watch is the adornments on the calls are reproductions and the fact that the last doesn’t offer you silver appearance. It is the glass that handles the face (or dial) of the replica watch. It is essential for the life span of the watch and also the look. You’ll find two types of crystals – Mineral, Sapphire. In Swiss replica watches like replicas the toughest of the equally -pearl can be used.

fake tag watches,omega ladymatic replica

With imitation watch it is challenging well unknown on its move and go over excellent quality for sum – they are so affordable, and you also know they are not necessarily planning to be remarkably-produced anyways. I learn its appealing to build effect expenditures and fan-out in-all instructions with designs and forms of palm watches, even if 50 percent the palm watches you purchase do not get much ‘wrist-moment’ and get remaining out of the cycle. This Cartier Replica changed for me – especially the aspect about classifieds. It quickly seemed like a high end Cartier Swiss Imitation replica and that I immediately started troublesome my company Precious an opportunity to get one. The circulation was excellent also. No difficulties with worldwide supply, no bargaining, only a breath-taking Cartier to press and adhere and build for you personally persons.
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The Cartier Swiss Replica can be a replica watch that is really exceptional, and that I do not state that often. Calls might be difficult to produce for this product because of the wavelike traces that enhance the outer lining location in the middle. Electrical-ymca look’s type is difficult to demonstrate here, if you don’t use reflections:
You can find naturally loads of great replica watch out there that replica watch even compares to – the PO 4th edition along with the 45mm edition, the Bentley that has been defined not buying, the IWC Jackson & GST, the Navitimers that simply arrived, simply to name-drop a couple of. They’re all great in type, their own technique, and type. Really, you’ll find so many fantastic reproductions today, you almost encounter like imitation clients are receiving a tad too snug and relaxed within this imitation planet and negelecting their position – you’ll discover people much more obsessivecompulsive than before about every tiny information on a watch set – me involved! But I want to genuinely believe that with my analysis I’m accomplishing as being a form of watch-puppy (no pun intended) for the imitation properties so that they realize that someone is getting notices and sustaining ranking regarding the difficulties and triumphs.
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Men women from all across the globe really like Swiss watches and really like to own one or more of them and. Swiss watches’ main advantage is that they blend the perfect design and design. the quality that is real will be discovered by you in Swiss watches. In case you are getting ready to buy a highclass Swiss watch, subsequently Breitling watches may be suggested as it gets prestige and the category than many other Swiss watches. As Swiss watches are known by you aren’t easily affordable because of its great cost label. Therefore, many people who really like to possess their design and style statement decide to acquire replica watch. Breitling imitation watches have become well known and they are dealt with by several sellers that are online. Having an identical watch of Breitling, you’ll be able to have the ability to seem sophisticated and fashionable. Despite the fact that they’re the replicas of special variation, these watches will also be comprised of good quality resources that were prime. So, you can assume the unique Breitling watches’ same class and design. You can study an analysis to know the watches’ premium quality from the satisfied consumer.
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