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New Rolex Depsea watches

16Rolex sea dweller replica Wristwatch has Oyster watchcase, 44 mm, and stainless steel…these are not wonder. But equipped with “D-BLUE”blue-black two-tone gradual change watchcase really make people surprised.  Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deepsea was the popular choice by global of professional Deep Sea Divers. And also is the new generation divers wrist watch which has decades of experience. This watch was saluted James Cameron who created the record of deep single deep diving. Two-tone surface is sapphirine change to deep black. In order to remember Cameron successfully arrive the deepest of the earth – The end of mariana trench.

Rolex Oyster Wristwatch Series 116660-98210 Blue

Different with the Deepsea M116660-0001 is the gradients of watch disk. Blue over into black. Give the wristwatch fresh vitality and outstanding sense. And the bottom use titanium alloy material.

Blue luminescent material

The watch surface with innovative Chromalight luminescent display is the invention which can effectively promote reading time clearly in the dark environment. This blue light display time is twice as generally luminescent materials. With the same luminescent material let the wearer still can distinct read outer ring of the triangular zero mark even though in the bottom of the darkness sea.

The valve of exclude helium

Rolex get the patent of safety-valve in 1967, this is the essential for deep diving activity just like the miniature decompression chamber of wristwatch. After deep diving, the professional diver must go to the decompression chamber and suction the mixed gas which includes helium. In decompression chamber, the helium can permeate almost every corner even the inner of wristwatch.

Considering a variety of factors, Rolex’s engineer research and development the valve of exclude helium which equipped with spring. When the wrist watch with more than 3 to 5 of the pressure difference, the valve will open for helium to release and the waterproof performance is not affected.


Depends on the unique Ringlock system and make the Rolex Deepsea has a special strong degree, waterproof and compression-resistant performances. The patent innovate construction make this wristwatch can bear the powerful hydraulic pressure as deep as 3900m (12800 inch), equal to 3 ton of pressure. The system consists of three main factors: the mass centre is nitrogen alloy stainless steel circular ring, as thick as 5mm arch form blue crystal glass and 5 class titanium alloy bottom.

The extensional system of Rolex GLIDELOCK

Patent Glidelock extensional system let the divers can adjust the strap easily without any tools even dressed in diving suits. And the dentoid parts can each section length of 2 mm, extend strap to 20 mm.

Titanium bottom

The design of two watchcases can help this fake rolex to resist the pressure which caused by the depth of the water. First, Titanium watchcase bottom use titanium alloy material which has high hardness and flexible, the material make wristwatch can withstand the deep pressure and intact. Besides, hydraulic pressure can help the three main components of Ringlock system more joint, the watchcase bottom closed tighter with water depth and produce the ability to comprehensive seal the watchcase