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Rolex “Black kelpie”, new style watch to subvert the understanding of tyrant

3126_p_1372149277094Strengthen the waterproof of the watch

The Oyster-shaped case of the fake rolex daytona strengthens the watch’s functions of dust-proof, waterproof as well as the shock-proof. It is not easy to open the case. If anyone who want to open the Oyster-shaped shell, the one must need the torque of 5 newtons / M. This kind of shell can effectively protect the movement of the watch. Moreover, this kind of design can also ensure the accuracy of the watch which is real reliable for the people who want to buy one or who has own one. In order to prevent the movement of the watch from the water and dust, the crown of the watch is made by three watch-locks. After the tightening of these three watch-locks, the watch-case can be completely sealed, just as the submarine seal door. The one direction rotation of the outer ring, can let the diver accurately record the diving time, which the one-direction rotation design can avoid the missed measure of time with the water and oxygen.

It is the first choice for the person who is doing outdoor sports for it has the 300M waterproof function effect of and the Oyster-shaped shell. The instant-jumping calendar in the watch shows the Rolex’s personality and the waterproof window can be clearly see the date and time. The function of the Rolex “Black kelpie” is same with the other kinds of diving watch. But pressure-proof is more superior than the others.

The 3135 movement of the “Black kelpie”

The 3135 movement of this black style Rolex watch passes the Swiss Observatory certification. The 3135 movement is published in 1988 which is meaningful for the Rolex. It is known as the “king” of the replica rolex datejust. This title is truth. Some of the Rolex movements get not too many achievements, but the main achievements are in the parts. While the 3135 movement is one of the self-produced movement of Rolex and it still is used until now. Overall, the 3135 movement is the proud of Rolex as an automatic movement, which is known as stable performance, strong collision resistance.