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Swiss Watches – Appreciating the Cle de Cartier and Tag Heuer Formula One

Cle de Cartier

Cle de Cartier redesigned its simple case. Cartier is known for its delicate skills that builds striking watches with good appearance. The sharp angles are no longer existed, and the bezel are round and smooth. All the components are smooth. Cle means key and the brand-new Cle de Cartier really resembles a key. Its crown that adjust time and date in a different way started a new way to do adjustment, reminding us of the old tradition of winding a clock with a key. The crown is long and thin and has a sapphire on it. The inserting skill in this sapphire is different from others. 1847MC movement is fitted with a quick winding barrels that could effectively improve the efficiency of winding. Bidirectional automatic winding system adopts special leverage system, making it both solid and effective. Anyway, Cle de Cartier is the latest Cartier watch that has Cartier’s technology and would surely be an wonderful one.

replica tag heuer formula 1

replica tag heuer formula 1

Tag Heuer Formula One

Tag heuer watch fuses the innovation and change into the blood, and constantly creates amazing new products. This formula one wrist watch adopts new ceramic materials, combines magnificent diamonds and wrist watch perfectly, fuses the sports and the elegance as a whole, to present the most beautiful female charm and elegance model of the female. White is the most pure and most simple color among all the colorful colors. This Tag Heuer F1 watch uses the white color as the main color to symbolize the pure beauty and elegance of women. Watchcase lateral has many flashing diamond, just like a little elf Closely linking with each other, and each diamond inlays is the elaborate works of the designers of tag heuer swiss replica. The watch dial of this Golf is 41 mm in diameter, which is very suitable for woman’s wrist. The watch time scales decorated with 11 diamonds on the watch dial more show nobility and costly.